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Botox Treatment - Special Prices for Simi Valley and Northridge

Botox significantly reduce wrinkles, rejuvenates the face, and reduce excessive perspiration of the armpits, palms, and soles.

Botox works by limiting contraction of muscles. When used to treat wrinkles, a small amount is placed strategically into muscles of the face and neck that cause wrinkling of the overlying skin when contracted. By impairing contraction, wrinkles become less prominent. Botox reduces excessive sweating by paralyzing the muscles associated with sweat glands and preventing them from expressing sweat. 

Botox treatment is performed by a physician, and treatment only takes a few minutes. The experience and skill of the physician, Dr. Alan Darush, performing the treatments are paramount to achieving optimal results. As a board certified physician, Dr. Darush knows how to put the right amount of Botox in just the right area to produce a natural and refreshed appearance. Too much Botox can result in a frozen and surprised look. Dr. Darush recommends natural look, like being able to make expressions while having a natural your looking skin without wrinkles. 

Botox has a long history of safety. Although it's use for wrinkle reduction and excessive sweating is relatively recent, it has been used to treat other medical conditions for about twenty years. The most common side effect when used for wrinkle reduction is bruising; however, more serious side effects can rarely occur including temporary heaviness of the forehead, temporary drooping of the eyelid, and infection. These risks are minimized when an experienced physician performs the treatment. A side effect unique to treating excessive sweating of the palm is temporary weakness in grip strength of the treated hand. 

Botox treatment costs vary depending on the areas treated and the amount used. Men need more Botox and it might cost a bit more than females (i.e Mens frown lines are stronger and thicker than females). NewSkin Laser Center has "thursday special" for $9 per unit. NewSkin Laser Center also offers $50 Botox Rebate (minimum $200), and $20 instant Rebate. 

For most women, treatment of the frown area costs about $150. The costs for men are usually about $200. 

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The following is a sample price list for the Botox in Simi Valley & Northridge

Glabella (frown) Lines 15 - 20 units $135-$180
Brow lift 5 - 8 units $45-$72
Crows feet 8 - 16 units $72-$144
Forehead 10 - 18 units $90-$162
Neck 8 - 26 units $72-$234
Corner Mouth Lift 4 - 6 units $36-$54
Chin 4 - 6 units $36-$54
Lips 4 - 6 units $36-$54

The above photo illustrates the most common areas treated with Botox (or other injectables that reduce wrinkles). Botox injected by a medical doctor will result with the most aesthetically pleasing results. Believe it or not, it is an art knowing where to injecting Botox. Cost of injecting the Botox varies and will try to explain that here.

  1. Forehead – Does not include in-between the eye brows a very popular area where wrinkles and lines begin to form due to worry, stress, and natural aging and they show up most noticeably when expressing surprise or excitement. You can test to see if you have forehead lines by lifting your eyebrows. Depending on the number of wrinkles, lines and the strength of the muscles, your Botox will be injected. On average, you will need 15 to 20 units to get the best results. Men (because of larger muscles) do need more at times. Remember, over injecting this area can create a dropped forehead and eyebrows. Botox costs can vary but at NewSkin Laser Center we have specials all the time.
  2. Glabellar Region – In between your eyebrows also known as “elevens” since wrinkles resembling the number eleven tend to develop between the eyes as we age. These wrinkles or folds tend to show most noticeably while frowning, worried, or concentrating. Some people have even three lines in this area. You will need on average 15-20 units of Botox to get great results. Overinjection of this area can create a "Jack Nicholson Look", the outer part of the eyebrow being lifted as you make expressions.
  3. Crow’s Feet – Around the Eyes wrinkles that develop around the edges of the eyes resembling the foot of a bird or crow. Depending upon the severity of the wrinkles, these lines may not be noticeable while relaxed but show up most while laughing or smiling. If left untreated, these wrinkles will become more noticeable even while relaxed. On average, people will need 6-12 units of Botox in this area. Dysport tends to be better in this region as it gives you more relaxed and natural look. With Dysport, you will need about 20-30 ($60-$90) units per eye to achieve results.

Pricing for Botox are similar to other toxins like Dysport and Xeomin. Some med spas may price their procedures by the number of facial areas being treated, but at NewSkin Laser in Simi Valley and Northridge we charge per unit. This provides the client the transparency of amount used without overcharging. . Most important to keep in mind is that there are other really important factors (besides price) to consider when buying Botox. Experience, knowledge and keen eye to aesthetics is what NewSkin Laser Centers offer.


$9 Per Unit on Thursdays
$20 Instant Rebate at NewSkin Laser Center with another $25 voucher for your next Botox injection.

At NewSkin Laser Center you can have the younger, beautiful look around the year at a reasonable price. On average, our patients come in two to three times a year to get the look they want. Being an Allergan Platinum member for Botox in Northridge, the savings are passed on to our customers via the special rebate programs and instant saving programs.

Botox results are seen within 3-7 days. 

Botox Frequently asked questions

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